2nd Trimester

2nd Trimester

These workout videos are ideal for the 2nd trimester of pregnancy (week 14 to week 27). By 2nd trimester hopefully you are feeling more energetic and you may be able to add back in workouts if you cut them out in 1st trimester. Workouts in this trimester can be more challenging while keeping it safe. Take advantage of this 2nd trimester bliss!

I go into all of the considerations in much greater detail in my 1st trimester and 2nd trimester intro video, please watch before you start any of the workouts. Make sure to have your Doctor's clearance before partaking in any workout.

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2nd Trimester
  • 2nd Trimester Introduction + Considerations

    In this 2nd trimester video I will cover precautions during pregnancy, is supine exercise safe, and considerations for Pilates and exercise now that your body is changing and growing more.

  • Standing Arm Weight Series - Week 14

    Challenge your balance and strength in this standing arm weight series. Don't be fooled, we are still using the whole body in this series. This can be done as a stand alone series, especially if you are still not feeling great in the beginning of 2nd trimester or as an add on to my other classes....

  • SI Joint routine - Week 15-16

    This is a great routine to start adding in during the beginning of 2nd trimester. The SI (Sacroiliac) Joint is the junction where your spine meets your pelvis. When we are pregnant, we have a lot of hormones coursing through our body (hello relaxin) to make room in our pelvis to push the baby out...

  • Back Release - Week 17

    This is a quick, no props, back release class. Focus on mobilizing the thoracic spine to help release the tension.

  • Work the Wall - Week 18

    This is one of my favorite workouts to do! As everything is starting to grow anteriorly while pregnant, the wall gives such nice support to aid in correct posture and alignment. This class is done standing the entire time, so if you are someone that sits a lot (who doesn't?) this class is perfect...

  • Chair Class - Week 19

    We start this class seated in the chair and work on warming up the spine and pelvis in all directions of movement. We work our way to the mat to challenge our 100 and roll up in a new way. Think you can no longer do side planks? Think again, I will show you a safe way to accomplish a side plank t...

  • Feel Good Flow - Week 20

    As things are starting to grow and get bigger, it is important to keep our body moving and feeling good. We will start standing with a postural analysis which I suggest doing throughout your day. We will then move to the mat with the aid of pillows to keep us comfortable and safe on our back. We ...

  • Foam Roller Release - Week 21

    Release your chronically tight spots in this foam roller class. This class is perfect to do before or after a workout or as a stand alone workout at any point in your pregnancy. You may also find some favorites within this class that you add piece meal to your routine.

    Why is myofascial release...

  • Build your Strength - Week 21

    This class is a great challenge to work on full body strength building. We start in all fours, moving through standing work, side body work and finishing with Joe Pilates’s standing arm weight series.

    Props needed: hand weights

  • Standing Cardio + Balance Series - Week 22

    Great high energy class to practice balance and strength while standing. As our bodies are growing, everything is moving anteriorly (to the front) which in turn causes our center of gravity to shift. We need to pay attention and focus on these changes as our body changes. We will also get our hea...

  • Connecting to Breath + Baby - Week 23

    Some days you will want a high energy prenatal workout and other times it’s important to slow it down and focus inward. Taking the time to connect with breath and baby makes all the difference in pregnancy and labor.

    Props needed: two pillows

  • Thera-band Work - Week 24

    We start for the 1st half of class standing and using the band. We work on balance, full body strength, and cardio while standing. We then take it to the mat to focus a lot on the hips working on mobility and strength.

    Props needed: Thera-band or towel if you don't have a band. Two pillows.

  • Classical Pilates Mat - Week 25

    If you have been missing the classical Pilates work like I have, then you will love this class. We will move through all your classical Pilates favorites including 100, single leg circle, spine stretch forward, front splits, and side kicks.

    Props needed: two pillows.

  • Stability Ball Work - Week 26

    We will stand standing for this workout, warm up on all fours then move to the stability ball. You will even get to bounce on the ball! The stability ball is such a great place to find mobility, strength and release throughout pregnancy. I highly suggest investing in one and using it to sit on du...

  • Arm Weight Workout - Week 27

    In this final class of second trimester we will be using the arm weights. We will start standing then bring it to the mat and challenge the body through classical Pilates exercises with the weight added. We will finish standing to circle back to the beginning of class. Focus for this class is on ...