Pregnancy Instructional Essentials

Pregnancy Instructional Essentials

Pregnancy Instructional Essentials are videos that are not workouts rather I go into further details in these videos on important topics pertaining specifically to Pregnancy, Labor and Birth. These videos address some of the most common topics that come up during this time and some of the questions I hear the most from women.

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Pregnancy Instructional Essentials
  • Welcome!

    This intro/welcome video will go over my background with Pregnancy and Postpartum as well as a brief overview of the site. Please watch the 1st trimester intro video next!

  • Pressure Management - Diastasis and Pelvic Floor Prevention

    In this video, we will go over what creates pressure during pregnancy, how to manage it and what we can about it (hint, it's actually a lot!). I recommend watching this video as soon as possible so you can start to implement these tips early in your pregnancy.

  • Diastasis Recti Prevention

    In this video, I dive deeper into how to prevent Diastasis during pregnancy. This is one of the topics I get questions on the most. So this video goes into further detail on what Diastasis is, can we prevent it, and how do we go about preventing it. We will stand and go over some of the preventio...

  • Round Ligament Pain

    In this video I discuss a common alignment during pregnancy, round ligament pain. We start by talking about exactly what the round ligament is, where it is and where you may be feeling pain. Then we will discuss how to treat it and addressing your daily habits to stay out of pain.

  • Postural Analysis

    In this video, I go over postural analysis from the ground up. I talk about the changes to our posture during pregnancy and what we can do be proactive to keep good alignment throughout this time. Make sure you keep assessing and checking in with your posture everyday. If you're not sure you have...

  • SPD + SI Joint Pain

    In this video, I go over both SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) and SI (Sacroiliac) Joint Pain as they are usually connected. I go over what they both are, where and how you might experience pain, and what you can do about it. These are very common injuries/dysfunctions that happen during pregnan...

  • Birth Prep

    In this birth prep video, I will start by going over multiple strategies that can help. For example did you know oxytocin and adrenaline cannot coexist? I speak about this and what you can do to set yourself up for success and keep that birth hormone flowing. We will also talk about birth positio...

  • Labor and Birth Positions

    This video will go over positions to practice now to get baby into a good position before birth and positions to have in your back pocket for an active labor and birth. I show many different options as not every position will work for you. It might feel good now but during labor it may not. These...