1st Trimester

1st Trimester

These workout videos are ideal for the 1st trimester of pregnancy (week 1 to week 13). My goal is to help you through your pregnancy and to feel better. These workouts and instructional videos will help prevent diastasis, SI joint pain and pubic symphysis pain which are 3 of the most common pregnancy disorders. I go into all of the considerations in much greater detail in my 1st trimester intro video, please watch before you start any of the workouts. Make sure to have your Doctor's clearance before partaking in any workout.

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1st Trimester
  • Welcome!

    This intro/welcome video will go over my background with Pregnancy and Postpartum as well as a brief overview of the site. Please watch the 1st trimester intro video next!

  • 1st Trimester Introduction + Considerations

    In this first trimester video I will cover our goals for 1st trimester and beyond, what is happening to the body during pregnancy, what we are focusing on during Pilates, things we need to be aware of while working out/ contraindications for exercise, and the benefits of exercise and Pilates duri...

  • Master the Basics- Week 6 - 8

    Master the basics in the beginning of pregnancy to set you up for success throughout. We will look at 3 important concepts in this video: breath, connecting the breath to the core and the pelvic floor and lateral rib cage expansion.

    Prop needed: Foam Roller 36 inch

  • Full Body Flow - Week 8 - 10

    We will move our body through its complete ranges of motion in this full length class. Set your body up for pregnancy with these exercises. If are not feeling good, I give modifications throughout so you can find what works for you. We will finish standing with some wall work which also sets us u...

  • Just move! Week 10 - 11

    Get your body moving in this full body Pilates workout. Perfect level if you are feeling nauseous, tired and low energy. We just want to get the body moving and feeling better.

  • For Low Energy Days - Week 12

    If you don't feel good and need a low intensity workout, this class is for you. Starting with the foam roller to get into the deep 360 degree breathing, releasing tension, connecting breath to pelvic floor, and getting those ribs moving. In the 1st trimester, we are setting ourselves up for succe...

  • Feel better movement - Week 13

    We will move through our last week in 1st trimester (yes I accidentally said end of 2nd trimester, thank you pregnancy brain) with a classical Pilates flow. There will be standing work and chair work in this class. I promise you, you will feel better after moving your body and distracting your mi...