Baby and Me

Baby and Me

In this series of videos you will find exercises you can do with your baby. We get creative and have fun with our workouts while also including baby. Perfect for when you feel like you don't have enough time alone for your own workout or when baby is fussy. This is also a great bonding time for mom and baby.

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Baby and Me
  • Baby and Me Mat #1

    This is a safe, gentle class to do early on in the 4th Trimester. So many great ideas here of ways to get your workout in while also spending time with your baby. I suggest doing this when baby is calm, I do it after a feeding during their awake time. The beauty of this class is if baby needs a b...

  • Stroller Workout

    In this fun stroller class you will learn some creative ideas to get a workout in while keeping your baby napping (hopefully!). I like to do this towards the end of my walk when my baby is asleep and I'm back at home in case he wakes up and needs to eat. A lot of my inspiration for these moves co...

  • Baby and Me Mat #2

    For our second Baby and Me Mat class, we have advanced the exercises just a bit. Remember to listen to your baby's cues and take your lead from them. You can always do more or less reps as needed. No props, just what you need for baby.

  • Baby and Me Mat #3

    In our third baby and me mat class, we are progressing and challenging the exercises further. As always, we have fun while listening to your baby and your body. I have included in this class some creative ideas for tummy time. If your baby is not a fan of tummy time, I think they will really enjo...